Conducting a Usability Test with users of Intranet. Our real goal makes better Information Architecture of Intranet platform changes.

Basically, the test is organized into four steps:

  1. Plan,
  2. Recruit,
  3. Execute and
  4. Report the results for Tech Team and Board.

Cultural changes in the company are hard for users.

We do this type of approach to mitigate and collect user impressions and feelings that will hardly be verified through a simple search.

The usability test raises large-scale potential discoveries that may be central to MVP.

We can measure the severity of the problems and build a good roadmap for product improvement and re-testing.

Therefore, the test objectives don’t need to correct all issues but can create a visible product backlog.

We are looking for a new proposition for a Landing Page of CanilWinterfell. Although the level of contacts on the website is meeting customer expectations, we decide to use a hotjar to improve our changes. Following trends of user behavior in websites and web apps:

•100% of the visitants scroll-down the page to find any more

• Part of menu content can enter in a Start Page, increasing the focus of in-depth content navigation

• User interviews identified more information to decrease the level of search and navigation in the site

A special month for discoveries.

We have a group of captive users who suffer from data clutter in Business Intelligence platforms.

In a scenario of uncertainties, we hold Design Thinking sessions, focusing on discovery, prototyping, and testing.

Success. A new product will be born.

March 2019

You watch high-fidelity prototyping work. But behind beautiful screens there is a robust data collection and prospecting for building a highly modular product for a very special audience.

I’m sad that I can not share anymore …

Why does our network of suppliers and partners ignore at first sight?

We’re trying to find out.

Some uncertain scenarios and low resources to recommend a better solution, we are going to a simpler way – A/B test.

Work on Design Systems

UI surface study

Increasingly, the virtual world tries to simulate the physical world. We need to research, study and test. The repertoire of users changes very fast.