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Research and Development project of the first mobile application of the Chamber of Commercialization of Electric Energy – The 10-week challenge.

Our first step is to plan the users' Design Thinking session. We use a Trello board to conduct our script.


Design a first mobile interaction for clients and agents in the electric sector market. Launch a highly satisfying version of the app in 10 weeks.

Our challenge was to find the killer features for the market, planning, and execution.

First weeks

After planning, we focus on findings and assumptions in conjunction with the invited users.


Essential to the process, built archetypes in groups that work with support points of interactions, empathy, and discoveries.



Generating a lot of ideas has brought us a robust word map with insights to prototype and test.


Collaborative prototyping with users.

Empathy map

Cross-reference between face-to-face feedback, surveys, and interviews.

user journey + empathy map + action discovery

Design for business value from the viewpoint of users

Design Thinking

60 users

3 sections

Levels of interaction.

Study and prototyping on average fidelity. Consolidation of expectations based on Design Thinking sections with Focus Group (60 users) for IOS and Android.

Propositions of action. Analyzes. Studies.


Understanding User Stories, Interaction Design, Application Shell, and a series of User Interface tests.

hi-fi prototypes

User Interface, flows and menu navigation test using Adobe Illustrator and User Stories

app view

Result! We got It!


We promote a new experience for our customers.