The CCEE UX Challenge

Design a first mobile interaction for customers and agents in the electric sector market.

In this project, we can conduct Thought Design Workshops for MVP discovery and good resources for a first version. It was an extremely satisfying job.

About CCEE

CCEE is a very important company of the energy sector of Brazil. There are registered and settled the commercial negotiation contracts of the Market Agents through a technology platform.

Icon view

app view

hi-fi prototypes

User Interface, flows and menu navigation test using Adobe Illustrator and User Stories

App Shell – layers of interaction.

Propositions of action. Analyzes. Studies.

app – in progress

Study and prototyping in average fidelity. Consolidation of expectations based on Design Thinking sections with Focus Group (60 users)

user journey + empathy map + action discovery

Design Thinking –

60 users

3 sections

Collaborative prototyping with users.